Daniela De Moura: Production Manager

Garry Clarkson: Director Documentaries

Leroy Coley: Director Communities

BMT is a community film and media company. We produce broadcast documentaries for television and cinema release and audio-visual promotion of under – represented groups and cultural activities. We are based in Leeds United Kingdom, the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire Urban Area, giving voice to local communities, whilst reflecting the city’s strong cultural diversity and global profile. Our rapidly expanding archive shines a light on this significant cultural heritage. 

We produce work for the media industry at the same time seeking advice from the very community we portray, engaging with our social purpose via our Quorum of Community Consultants

BMT Film & Media C.I.C. Company Registration: 12505196  VAT Registration: GB 344 6164 03

Affiliated to the International Federation of Journalists (Brussels): Press Card no: NUJ 082598

BMT would like to thank the following funding bodies, without which we would not have been able to continue our work.

Leeds City Council: Coronavirus Resilience Award. 

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