Community Consultants

Tony Pryce: Art & Therapeutic

Paulette Morris: Community 

Chico Malo: Music & Promotion

Everal Walsh Drama & Voice  

Tony is an artist, actor, dancer, education consultant and Hypnotherapist. He produces large scale paintings using techniques derived from stained glass murals, depicting the physical and emotional engagement with Northern Soul music. Born in Bradford and a former steel worker. He relocated to London and worked as an actor in The Preacher (Blach, 2007) and a teacher before moving back to Leeds to set up a community housing project artists' studio and therapeutic workshops in Chapeltown.

Paulette is a singer and songwriter with Mojah, who play regular 'Reggae Residencies' at the prestigious Sela Bar and Domino Club in Leeds City. She works with Leeds Young Authors, and mentors young musicians and performers. She has supported artists such as Janet Kay, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Brinsley Forde and many more. 

DJ Chico Malo sprang out of the UK Jazz Dance scene of the 1980's and was a co-founding member of the legendary Leeds DJ collective The Dig! Family who dominated the Leeds club scene for over a decade with such club nights as Casa Latina, Yardbird suite and the Cooker. Chico Malo's long running Jazz Dance night "Rootdown"  is now based every Saturday night at Smokestack one of the UK's top Funk & Soul venues, based in Leeds.

Everal is an actor, known for his television and film work and voice over roles in video games, such as The Witcher and Sacred 3.  His roles include Wayne in The Street, Raymond in Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere and Cecil in Prime Suspect 5. He has also appeared in soup operas such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale as well as playing Gabriel in the Doctor Who television series: The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Can You Hear Me?

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